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New GOAT alert: Lorenzo Insigne is the world’s greatest soccer player

Francesco Pecoraro. Getty Images.

There’s no other way to put it – Lorenzo Insigne is the greatest football player in the world and I can’t be convinced otherwise (except for Ronaldo of course…)

So, if you clicked on this blog, you probably realized that MRags Cumrags wrote this and he doesn’t know shit on soccer. You would be 100% right! I don’t know anything about football, but I know FIFA fairly well and lately it’s been my biggest addiction.

I pulled this honorable mention from Lorenzo Insigne Team of the Year (89 rated) and it’s my favorite card in FIFA 22 right now. Mainly because I’m a slut for FIFA long shots. I equate them to hitting a bomb from over 450 feet in MLB. Yesit’s the same as a home run hitting the first row of seats behind the wall, but the momentum of hitting an absolute nuke cannot be measured.

In Thursday’s stream, we were attacked by a FIFA GOAT, aa9skillzthen I proceeded to absurd long strokes with Insigne:

His physique is brutal because he’s only 5’4″ – but he has the quads of a Greek god that allow him to hit the ball at over 10,000 mph.

Look at the curve on those beautiful finesse shots…it’s so aesthetically pleasing and makes opponents rage faster than anything.

Giphy pictures.

On a real football note, Insigne is coming to MLS next year, which is raising a lot of eyebrows. He turns 31 in June, which would put him at the end of his early years. So, it’s an interesting decision to join MLS at this stage of his career, but he will receive an absolute payday from Toronto FC.

Imagine the long shots he can throw at MLS goalkeepers? I can not wait to see them.

In conclusion, we people with vertical challenges need to stick together. Like yes, it’s hard to accept that we need a stepladder to reach the top of the kitchen cabinet, but we can be proud of our culture when 5’4″ little king Lorenzo Insigne hits a Absurd long shot. It gives me hope and for that I will always be a fan.