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Montreal professional soccer player visits St. George’s School to inspire the next generation – Montreal

Even though local football star Noah Eisenberg is making a name for himself in Europe, he hasn’t forgotten where he came from. On Monday morning, the central midfielder of Europa Point FC visited his former high school, St. George’s School in Montreal.

“It’s like my second home, to be honest. Like, it’s just like an amazing place. All the staff are still like my good friends, the coaches, and this is the first place I always want to give back, ”said Eisenberg.

The 24-year-old player from Ville Mont-Royal signed a one-season contract with Europa Point FC in August. The team plays in the first division in Gibraltar, in the south of Spain.

Before his last career change, he played in Belgium and the UK after a year of college football.

Eisenberg gifted his former high school with his pro jersey on Monday, introducing it to principal Michael O’Connor.

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“We are so proud,” said O’Connor. “He’s always been a student, a super enthusiastic and energetic athlete. “

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The director said Eisenberg “always had a vision for what he wanted to do.” Other teachers and coaches say his passion for soccer was evident the second he started in St. George’s in grade 7.

“I’ve never seen a student want to be successful. And he wouldn’t take no for an answer, ”said physical education teacher Cameron Folkerson. “He suffered injuries. He’s been through setbacks, political games, you know, long distance football, and he just kept pushing. “

Folkerson now uses Eisenberg as a role model for students and even his own children.

“I tell them the story of Noah Eisenberg, who has just become a good runner and a great footballer. So it’s really inspiring, his story, ”he told Global News.

Eisenberg says mentors like Folkerson at the private coeducational school helped him grow into the athlete he is today.

“They pushed us both on the pitch and in the classroom, which I don’t know if I could have gotten elsewhere,” Eisenberg said. “My best memories in life were probably playing football in high school with who are still my best friends today.”

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Now, the central midfielder hopes to inspire the next generation of student-athletes from his alma mater through his own success story.

“Honestly seeing him at this high level in Gibraltar makes me think I could do it too,” said footballer and 10th grade student Michel Saidah.

Saidah was among a few of the school’s football-playing students who were able to pass a ball through the gymnasium with Eisenberg during his visit. His message to them is simple.

“It’s just a matter of hard work. It’s about believing, determining. And if you have a goal, go for it, ”Eisenberg said.

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