Soccer game

Mom tackles child running on field during Orlando City football game

A 2-year-old named Zaydek decided he wanted to get in on the action at a soccer game in Orlando City when he ran onto the field during a game.

But, the game turned into an American football game when Zaydek was tackled by his mother.

“I was like a zoom… I went into mom mode. I jumped over the fence, started running after him. That’s when I broke up and the ditched, “said her mother, Morgan Tucker.

Tucker says his son loves football, and moms to toddlers know, “Anyone who has a 2 year old knows that it is so hard to sit still.”

Thus, Zaydek made his way from the surface onto the pitch halfway through the game.

The only thing on Morgan’s mind was to leave the field.

“The game was going on all the time and that’s why I was so nervous,” she said. “Like we have to get off the field before we get pierced or hit in the head.”

So, she jumped into the game, saving Zaydek. She was suffering from a few aches but nothing serious and Zaydek was fine.

The video of them has since gone viral and they received a huge roar from the crowd.

“They weren’t cheering on the players at the time because when I came down I heard the whole stadium say ‘Oh!’ and as I got up they started clapping and clapping. “

When she asked her son what he was thinking, “he was like ‘Mum, soccer ball’.”

He just wanted to play.

Morgan says he’ll be officially signed up for football once he’s three, but he’s already an Orlando City star.