Soccer field

Mom saves son’s life on soccer field

Less than a week ago, a mother rescued her 16-year-old son after he collapsed on the football pitch. Full story here: #CPR update to follow with his stress test results.

Posted by Stanford Medicine Children’s Health on Friday, February 24, 2017

When your child gets hurt, your maternal instinct kicks into high gear and you run to see what you can do. But when Gina Agredano’s 16-year-old son collapsed on the soccer field and went into cardiac arrest mid-game, not only did his maternal instincts kick in, but his job as a doctor helped save the day. life of his son.

Jose Agredano Jr. was playing his last junior college football game of the season in Hollister, Calif., when he was hit in the chest with the ball and fell to the ground. His mother was there immediately to save his life. “I wasn’t ready to lose him,” Gina said Today. “I think as a mother it was the hardest thing I had to do in my life.”

They later discovered that Jose had been shot in the heart, throwing him “into an abnormal rhythm, and the only way to recover is CPR and electric shock.” They immediately called 911, but the second Gina saw her son stop breathing, she said “it was gone,” explaining that she kept telling herself he wasn’t going to die.

“All those emotions just stopped, and it was like an adrenaline rush, that kind of fight or flight, that my son is not going to die,” she said. “It took over.”

You never know what you are capable of until you are in a situation where your child’s life is in question, and Gina did whatever it took to save her child’s life. “I always saw her as a hero and an amazing person,” Jose said of her mother. He explained that after saving him, “I looked at her a little brighter. She’s giving and she’s really smart and she doesn’t give up.”

Gina told Stanford Children’s Hospital that her knowledge of CPR and her understanding of when it should be administered is what really saved her life.