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Mischievous dog stops football game after invading pitch for kicks: ‘red card’

An international soccer match in Chile took an unexpected turn this weekend after a dog invading the pitch interrupted play.

On Saturday, Chile’s women’s national soccer team hosted South American rivals Venezuela at Estadio La Granja in Curicó.

A friendly serving as a warm-up for the Copa América Femenina, the game wasn’t exactly action-packed with Chile only managing one shot on target and Venezuela eventually triumphing 1-0 thanks to a brilliant goal from Mariana Speckmaier eight minutes from the end. .

However, by then the main highlight of the match had already passed. This happened in the 37th minute when, for still unknown reasons, a dog decided to run onto the pitch.

Pitch invaders aren’t new to the world of football, but canine intruders are a little less common. There are a myriad of reasons why someone might want to enter the playing field.

Some do it to get attention, others to protest a particular issue. Then there are those who just get carried away with the excitement of it all. Alcohol can also often play a role. In the case of this marauding dog, the main motivation seems to have been simple: this dog just wanted cuddles.

The good news is that, despite the disruption to the game itself, this pet dog got his wish, with multiple players and even the referee herself stopping to give the super-cute dog a few jabs, rubs of the belly and tickles for good measure.

Best of all, the crowd, much like the dog himself, washed it away, with the unexpected interruption prompting widespread cheers and applause.

In the videoChilean goalkeeper Christiane Endler can be seen rubbing the belly of the happy dog, before Brazilian match official Deborah Cecilia Correia intervenes.

After several seconds of intense petting, an attempt is made to try and drag the dog off the pitch, but he initially evades capture, choosing to head for the center circle, much to the delight of those watching in the stands .

Eventually, Chilean teammates Yenny Acuña and Javiera Toro managed to escort the dog off the field, with the match resuming soon after.

But although the dog’s appearance was brief, it was quickly talked about on social media. TNT Sports Chile first shared footage of the “very special guest” on Twitter in a clip that has been viewed over 400,000 times.

However, it was another Tweeter from football enthusiast Karri_Kemyst who ended up going stratospheric. “EVERYONE STOP NOW AND WATCH THIS!!! she wrote alongside the video. “THIS IS WHAT WE ALL NEED!”

His assessment was obviously correct. As of this writing, her video has amassed 7 million views along with over 39,000 retweets and 332,000 likes. Another version of clip was also shared on TikTok by TSN, where it garnered 2.9 million views.

Newsweek has contacted the Chilean Football Federation and Karri_Kemyst for comment.

On Twitter, EamusAndy commented, “At this point, if I was the ref, I would just call the game and let everyone play with the dog,” while CoolieOhTTV claimed, “This is the greatest entertainment that anyone can get out of football.”

DavidtDunlop also joked: “So it’s football? Why didn’t anyone tell me there were dogs in it? Where can I buy a season ticket?”

On TikTok, the banter came just as thick and fast. Annahousen was convinced “that at home someone looks and says ‘that’s my dog! “”, bbzzd jokingly calling for the dog to be given a “red card” for his actions.

Andy Ketterson, on the other hand, felt the dog deserved a “treat card for being the best boi”, while Cole Whiteman suggested, “His doggo friends challenged him to go for it. Mission accomplished.”

Jelena Milovanovi117 urged the players to ‘give her the ball’, with bluesparks123 convinced it was probably ‘the best day of this dog’s life’.

This isn’t the first time a football-loving dog has made headlines. A dog has become an overnight celebrity after his reaction to seeing the England national team win again was recorded and later went viral. Another dog did even better in Chile after running down the field and scoring a goal.

Dogs love nothing more than playing with balls, sticks, and other random objects, but owners should always make sure their pets don’t bite more than they can chew.

This advice comes after a 2017 study by scientists from the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna found that when dogs carry something, they place more weight on their front legs. This means that carrying particularly heavy objects can lead to significant joint strain and injury unless the owner intervenes.

A dog on the pitch during a soccer match in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2019 – an almost identical scene unfolded during a recent international match in Chile.
Marcelo Endelli/Getty