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Mechanicsburg School Board Approves Lighting Upgrades to Soccer Field and Tennis Courts | Education

Phyllis Zimmerman for Sentinel

The Mechanicsburg Area School Board this week approved contracts to improve lighting at two of the district’s athletic facilities while approving a list of federal and state funding the district expects to receive this year.

The district plans to replace the lighting systems at the high school tennis court and Northside Elementary School football field, with project timelines “yet to be determined” based on upcoming facility usage and the availability of contractors, according to District Business Administrator Greg Longwell.

“These two (lighting systems) have reached a certain age and need regular repairs,” Longwell said after Tuesday night’s school board meeting.

For tennis court lighting, the school board approved a $14,432 contract with BBEC Electrical Contractors in Mechanicsburg. This will involve the removal and elimination of quartz light fixtures and horizontal supports from the installation, as well as the installation of double megaphones with two 375 watt LED floodlights on each existing pole, new wiring, a clock for control lighting, as well as several other working elements.

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For the lighting of the football field, the council approved contracts with BBEC Electrical Contractors for $33,968 and Dauphin Electric for $84,000 for an overall project cost totaling $117,968. This project involves the installation of 36 LED fixtures on four existing poles and new conductors with wireless controls, as well as the splicing of existing circuits to power the new lighting.

The projects are part of the district’s ongoing evaluation of “a variety of facilities,” Longwell added.

Also on Tuesday, the Mechanicsburg Area School Board voted to approve a list of federal and state grants the district expects to receive for the 2021-22 fiscal year.

This year’s one-time federal grants awarded in response to COVID-19 include $3,492,740 from the U.S. Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary Relief Fund, which the district said it continues to work with staff and administrators for. to “direct these funds toward supplies, services, and a staff focused on supporting the needs of our students, as determined by evidence collected over the next few years.

Also for COVID-19, the district will receive a one-time $193,963 Bill 24 Learning Loss Grant this year for student social and emotional learning, mental health and reading supports, and other related programs. An Act 24 Summer Enrichment grant of $38,781 will provide staffing and support for the district’s summer school programs, while another Act 24 grant of $38,781 will provide the same for the district’s after-school programs.

The Mechanicsburg area school district is considering additional renovation plans for the high school

In addition, an ACT 24 one-time school improvement liability of $50,497 was allocated to the high school this year for professional and paraprofessional staff salaries, and an ARP Homelessness Grant of $15,268 will help with student transportation. homeless in the district to and from aid programs with growth and success.

Also for 2021-2022, the district is expected to receive $493,663 in federal Title I funding for reading/language arts teaching assistant salaries, $94,036 for Title II teaching coach salaries, $48,357 for Title III / ELD teaching assistants in middle school and high school. school and $35,145 for the salary of the Title IV instructional coach.

The district also expects to receive a $338,503 Ready To Learn Block Grant this year for professional development, literacy and math coaching, and full-day kindergarten. Funding of $691,830 under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is also provided for educational assistants, special education teachers, a social worker, extended school year and contract services, while $4,427 $ in additional IDEA funds will provide paraprofessional staff.