Soccer field

Mayor Hammock is working to bring a new football pitch to the town of Tallassee

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The City of Tallassee currently has no places where children or even adult residents can play outdoor soccer, Mayor Johnny Hammock is working hard to change that.

“It’s our biggest sport here in Tallassee last year, we had 196 kids not just for Tallassee but for Tallapoosa County, Elmore County, Reeltown, eclectic school districts as well as Tallassee.”- Mayor Hammock

The mayor says he has been working to get the momentum going since 2017 and the first steps are to acquire the funding and get approval from city council. So far, Mayor Hammock says he has raised more than $100,000 since making the announcement at the city council meeting on Tuesday night. As the students do not have a field to play soccer, they will participate in games or tournaments on the softball field.

“It’s great for us, I think it’s going to help us take the next step to where we want to be, especially with our downtown area about to be revitalized, so I’m just excited, you know, I think Tallassee is full of opportunities.”

If the mayor gets approval and funding, he says he would like to start planning by the end of fiscal year 2022…He also says he would like the field to be named after Coach Terrell Brown , a councilor from Ward 5.

“He started the football program again in Tallassee, I think it’s fair to name him. He’s only the, he was the second African American to be elected to the Tallassee city council, so he’s very loved and respected, so I think it would be fair to call him Coach Terrell Brown Field.

If you want to help donate money for the project, you can contact the mayor by email; [email protected] or you can visit Tallassee City Hall.