Soccer game

Mario Strikers: Battle League trailer showcases the chaotic soccer game

Publisher Nintendo and developer Next Level Games have shared a Mario Strikers: Battle League presentation trailer.

Here is the new Mario Strikers: Battle League presentation trailer:

Here is a preview of the game announced in February 2022:

Tackle, pass and score in combat football with the Mushroom Kingdom gang

Introducing Strike, a 5v5 football sport with no rules – do whatever it takes to win! Be brave and try to score the most goals by battling enemies, using items and firing special shots to increase the score. Super Mario series stalwarts like Peach, Toad, and Yoshi put their cleats (and stats) on the field and will stop at nothing to score. Customize your characters with gear that can increase their stats and appearance. Wreak havoc online* or pass the ball to local players** – just watch out for the electric fence.

Join an online club to climb the ladder

Group up to 20 attackers online* and compete against other clubs for points. Find the right club for you, team up with friends and bring your own attacking style to the table. Strive to become the best club in the world every season!

Hit the pitch with up to 8 players

8 players can aim for the goal on a Nintendo Switch console, with local wireless** or online*. Also bring a secondary attacker on the same system in online battles. Locally, 4 players from each team can play cleat against cleat in individual matches.

Mario Strikers: Battle League is set to release on June 10 for Switch, and pre-orders are available now.