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Mae from Night In The Woods appears at a football game with an ax for pride

A recent Pride celebration featured Night in the Woods protagonist Mae wielding an axe, enlivened by a collection of crowd-waving signs.

Some dedicated fans of night in the woods of Timbers Army produced a mural of Mae Borowski holding an ax with a Pride Month message at a Portland Timbers game. Timbers Army is a group of football fans and various pop culture media. They often appear during games with handmade murals of icons such as Bob Ross or Pennywise the Clown with axes.

night in the woods is a game about a group of anthropomorphic friends facing life challenges such as mental health issues, reflecting on the path their future will take, and being LGBTQ+. It was developed by Infinite Fall and Secret Lab, and released in 2017. The game has since become a pop culture favorite, especially among LGBTQ+ fans, for its very real and down-to-earth depictions of daily struggles. against mental illness.


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Timbers Army showed both their love for night in the woods and their pride with a series of murals at a Portland Timbers football game. As reported by VICE Mediatwo of the murals were signs that when put together read “From Stonewall a brick and Portland an axe, respect our pride or expect our wrath”, while a large depiction of Mae Borowski wielding an ax was held between them. Normally Mae wields a bat, but given the match was in Portland which is known for its ax throwing, an ax seemed more appropriate. One of the main developers of night in the woodsScott Benson, was thrilled to see the mural and gave his full support behind the post.

night in the woods is known for writing that, while quirky, felt very real and relatable. This well-crafted dialogue made night in the woods a star in the field of indie video games, which already offers many games with relatable and well-written dialogue. The heart of Mae’s story inside night in the woods is about self-discovery and dealing with harsh realities. When she wields her bat, or her ax in this case, it could be seen as her own anger to take matters into her own hands, which makes Timbers’ army night in the woods images a very appropriate pairing for the message they were delivering.

Whether she’s wielding an ax or a bat, Mae Borowski’s story still rings true for many LBGTQ+ fans. night in the woods is a story of both pride and anger, making the portrayal of the Timbers’ army very timely. This mural might just be the perfect thing to shut down the Pride month scene and reopen it for what many LGBTQ+ fans consider the month of anger.

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Source: VICE Media

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