Soccer field

Longview zoning council approves permit for neighborhood pub with football pitch

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) – A Longview man has plans for a neighborhood pub on Boorman Trail in Longview.

Kenneth Shore says he will be the first to apply for the newly created neighborhood pub area.

“In our previous code, bars, taverns, pubs were sort of lumped together under one use. It was just called bar/nightclub and only allowed in heavy commercial areas. And so, thanks Upon passing the UDC, it split that use into two different uses. One bar/nightclub, then the other tavern/wine bar under 2,500 square feet,” said Angela Choy, City Planner of Longview.

Shore says the venture will have a pickle ball and two attached five-a-side soccer fields and include a beer garden, cabana and snack bar.

“Having the two five-a-side soccer fields will be fun for the kids. You could go out, have a beer, the kids could play. There will be two grass pitches where they can play. And have some live music,” said developer Kenneth Shore.

The development will tie into the Paul Boorman Trail, if approved.

A rendering of the shack area for a proposed neighborhood pub in Longview.(Kenneth Shore)

Five-a-side football is similar to conventional football, but with a smaller pitch and fewer players.

A rendering of the football pitch for a proposed neighborhood pub in Longview.
A rendering of the football pitch for a proposed neighborhood pub in Longview.(Kenneth Shore)

The Town of Longview’s Planning and Zoning Committee reviewed and unanimously approved the area measure and special use permit on Tuesday evening. It will be presented to Longview Town Council in the coming weeks.

Some citizens have raised concerns about traffic and lights that the complex may bring to the area. However, the heavily treed section of the acreage will remain a buffer zone between the complex and nearby duplexes that a citizen is concerned about, Shore said.

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