Soccer ball

Lego House in Denmark has created the world’s largest Lego soccer ball during lockdown

And here it is, the world’s largest soccer ball made of Legos, 173,600 of them, to be exact. The classic type of two-by-two bricks. The final product weighs 5,000 pounds and stands over 12 feet tall.

“We chose a very iconic design for this soccer ball,” says Soeren Hansen Hinge, Lego soccer designer. “Something anyone who walks into Lego House will recognize right away.

The big ball was made during the coronavirus lockdown by employees of Lego House in Denmark. Because when you have so many Legos and so much free time, what else are you going to do?

According to Jesper Vilstrup, CEO of Lego, this project has been great for the team. “Coming together as a team, hanging out, being together as colleagues is great these days when we have been confined due to Covid-19.”

Gitte Cort, employee of Lego, adds: “It is really great that we were able to use our time during the confinement, where we could not have guests. Then we had this amazing building activity, where we can really make something into this giant soccer ball, and I’m really excited to see that happen.

It took the team 150 hours to assemble the soccer ball, or football for some. Not only did the project pass the time, but it’s also a way to celebrate the European Championship. Stage matches are played in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen.

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