Soccer ball

Learn to juggle a soccer ball like a pro

  • Improve your soccer skills and impress your friends by learning how to juggle a soccer ball and perform other skills like a professional.

Learn to juggle a soccer ball like a pro

Everyone acquires physical skills at a different rate. If you’re one of the people in your group of friends who has trouble juggling a soccer ball, you might want to learn how to improve.

There’s no shame in struggling to juggle when you get to grips with the sport. Some players may spend years playing the sport and still struggle with such a skill, as it requires good footwork and coordination.

Even though it takes you a while to become a professional juggler like some tricksters you can see on YouTube, you can develop this skill in a very respectable way.

Here are some tips that will help you juggle a soccer ball as if you were a professional player.

Train regularly

If there’s a way to improve in any skill, it’s through hard work and dedication. You need to devote some time if you want to improve your football juggling skills.

The advantage of trying to improve your ball juggling is that you don’t need another person to help you with this process. If you hope to juggle in your next game or in front of your friends, you should work from home when you have free time.

Juggling is such a skill that you can even practice it indoors, provided you are careful. Practice in a spacious part of the house, as you don’t want to damage any furniture or electronics.

The best way to practice is to go to your garden. There you will have much more room to make mistakes, which is essential for progress. Keep working on this skill and you will improve.

Start with a simple move

If you are looking for tips on how to play football, one of the best suggestions is to start any skill in the easiest way possible. This is true for everything in life, whether it’s playing football, betting on gambling, or achieving something in your professional life.

Suppose you want to improve your soccer ball juggling. Many people will continue to try the most complex juggling moves and fail. The problem is that their underlying technique isn’t good enough and trying difficult moves gets them nowhere.

What you can do is try something very simple until you are perfect at that particular skill.

Take the ball in your hands, drop it on your dominant foot, then return it to your hands so you can catch the ball. Keep doing this simple exercise as much as you can without failing.

You might think such a skill is too easy to do, but you’d be surprised how many people can only do it once or twice before failing.

Work on hitting the ball perfectly to your hands so you have an easy grip. The idea is to hone your ability to absorb ball pressure and speed and get it where you want it to go on the first shot.

Keep in mind that you are going to make mistakes, so you shouldn’t panic if it takes you a few days to figure out this skill.

Use both feet

When juggling the soccer ball, don’t try to juggle with your dominant foot. Even if you think it would be easier to manage, it’s not.

Most jugglers find that if you hit the ball multiple times with one foot and then move on to the next, you’re much more likely to succeed. This is because you have more room for error, as you can throw the ball back with your other foot whenever you lose juggling momentum on the first foot.

Find the Contact Sweet Spot

A big reason people have trouble juggling a soccer ball is because they kick it with the wrong part of their foot. If you kick the ball with your toe, you won’t have a chance to juggle. The balloon will always inflate in the air and will go in different directions.

Even hitting the ball too close to your ankle is a mistake because you won’t get enough lift every time the ball drops down to your ankle and has to come back up. After one or two hits, the ball will fall somewhere near the ground and you won’t be able to hold it down.

Try to hit the ball on the right spot of your foot. The area between the ankle and the toe is perfect, but the exact spot may depend on your foot shape. Keep trying different areas of this region until you find a spot that gives the most consistent results.

Don’t forget to have fun

Playing football isn’t about proving you’re better than someone, even if you have a competitive streak. Yes, teams want to win and players should strive to improve.

However, we must not lose sight of the essential. The reason you play football is to have fun and to pursue a passion. Keep this in mind when learning to juggle.

When you commit to having fun, no matter how long it takes you to learn a particular skill, you’ll find yourself learning that move much faster. The pressure is off, allowing you to train without any anxiety bogging you down.