Soccer game

Lambeau Field attended its first soccer game

The historic Lambeau Field stadium had a first recently, as it hosted its first top-flight football match. Two of the biggest teams on the planet have gathered in Wisconsin for a non-competitive game as part of their preseason preparations.

About the game

The NFL’s oldest stadium in continuous use hosted nearly 80,000 spectators for the game between English champions Manchester City and German rivals Bayern Munich. Rain fell heavily throughout the match, but the fans enjoyed a spirited affair which the English side eventually won by a single goal.

Norwegian striker Erling Haaland scored the single purpose in what was his debut for Manchester City, with the goal in the 13th minute. While football matches normally last two 45-minute periods, referees have been forced to cut them down to a few periods of 40 minutes each, due to weather delays.

Both sides had previously played matches on their North American tour, with the Germans taking on DC United in Washington and the English champions taking on Club America in Houston. The Lambeau Field site is notable for not being large enough for a regulation sized football pitch, but it was still a pleasant sight as the new playing field was bounded by unfamiliar lines.

If we look at the last soccer betting William Hill odds, Manchester City are currently seen as the favorites to win the English Premier League again this season. Behind them in the odds are other world famous teams like Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea. Combo bets include a variety of factors, such as Haaland topping the league scoring charts.


Differences between sports

The contrast between the sports of football and soccer was clearly shown here, with Packers fans used to seeing games with higher scores than that at their home stadium. In fact, Bayern Munich failed to even get a single shot on goal for the full 80 minutes, although many fans spoke positively about the fast-paced nature of the game despite the relative lack of goals.

With the Green Bay Packers in their training camp preparing for the regular season, which is set to begin soon, it was interesting to see how the global appeal of these top football teams helps them with international marketing. Gabrielle Dow is vice president of marketing and fan engagement for the Green Bay Packers, and she emphasized that football clubs have superior reach.

Dow said the teams have various social media accounts in different languages, with Bayern Munich having 33 million followers on Instagram, compared to just 2.5 million for the Packers. Many locals were drawn to the event out of sheer curiosity, but such were the popularity of these European teams that they also had many fans in the Green Bay area who were thrilled to see their heroes in action.

It remains to be seen whether this game was just an isolated game or whether it marks the start of a new relationship between football and soccer that benefits everyone.