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Lakewood’s Connor Feighan Named Football Player of the Year, Leads All County Team

Connor Feighan of Lakewood has always known exactly where he belonged on the football field.

Although he has the ability to play anywhere according to his coach James Leveque, Feighan has always parked at the back of the field, choosing to play defense instead of a more goal-filled role like the attacker.

He anchored a rarely scored Viking defense en route to a 17-1-1 season, and also helped with a small offense.

He is the Ionia Sentinel-Standard Boys Football Player of the Year.

“If we had played him as a forward he would have been our leading scorer,” said Leveque. “As much as he knew he could score… I don’t think he ever asked to play as a striker or a midfielder. Whether it was training, open soccer in the summer, or the summer championship, he knew exactly where to go.

Leveque touted the speed of his defense, which also included Tyson Raffler, Landon Makley and Troy Acker. Feighan was at the center of it, playing in the center.

His stability allowed other players to play aggressively regardless of their position, and this has benefited the Vikings on their way to a stellar season.

“I think he gave confidence to the whole defense, to the whole midfielder, to everyone because they knew they could put pressure on the players and take risks,” Leveque said. “He was behind them cleaning it up. “

It has achieved an honorable mention in all states, as well as in all GLACs, districts and regions. He’s been a mainstay of the Vikings’ backline for years as Lakewood’s defense grew stronger and stronger.

It hasn’t been an evolution of duties for Feighan either, as Leveque has said he knows what Feighan can do, as does Feighan on a match-to-match basis.

“From last year to this year he almost practically trained himself,” said Leveque. You didn’t have to find the best player on the other team and stop him, he did. He took on the biggest challenge every time and made sure he was the one to shut it down. “

Leveque said Feighan had a bit more freedom to carry the ball onto the pitch, unlike last season. He has scored two goals this season and an assist.

And after years of playing a defensive role on the grounds around Lakewood, he will head next year to play at Alma College, Leveque said.

All County Team

Connor feighan

SCHOOL >> Lakewood

YEAR >> 12

POSITION >> Center of the back

STATS >> 2 goals, 1 assist

COACH’S COMMENT >> “Team MVP. First team all leagues and district. All regional team. Honorable mention all-state. Our best defender. We’ve only allowed 17 goals all year and that was why. – Lakewood coach James Leveque

Devon reyes

SCHOOL >> Ionia

YEAR >> 11

POSITION >> Midfielder

IN FIGURES >> 29 goals, 11 assists

COACH’S COMMENT >> “First team all conferences, team MVP, team co-captain. Devon is leading by example. It keeps the ball moving and the engine running with its high working rate. He wants to be involved in every game and shows up on offense and defense when necessary. “- Ionie Scott Sarka’s coach

Drew edick

SCHOOL >> Portland

YEAR >> 11

POSITION >> Midfielder

STATS >> 9 goals, 5 assists

COACH’S COMMENT >> “Team’s top scorer with 9 goals and 5 assists. The whole CAAC White conference, first team from all districts. – Portland coach Christopher Roof

Logan Balis

SCHOOL >> Belding

YEAR >> 12

POSITION >> Midfielder

STATS >> 2 goals, 4 assists

COACH’S COMMENT >> “OK Silver all-conference. Logan Balis was the heart and soul of our team this season. He sets an example with his work ethic, his dynamism and his responsibility. Logan leaves everything on the pitch in every game. – Belding coach Paul Hulford

Colby Carter

SCHOOL >> Lakewood

YEAR >> 11


IN FIGURES >> 18 goals

COACH’S COMMENT >> “Any league, any district.”

Zane Sarka

SCHOOL >> Ionia

YEAR >> 10

POSITION >> Forward

IN FIGURES >> 25 goals, 10 assists

COACH’S COMMENT >> “First team of all conferences, team co-captain. Another ‘lead by example’ player who likes to run in defense and challenges them to stop him. His energy is contagious for the team.

Caiden Pelc

SCHOOL >> Portland

YEAR >> 12

POSITION >> Defender

COACH’S COMMENT >> “All conferences CAAC White, holder for three years, varsity player for four years. “

Tyson raffler

SCHOOL >> Lakewood

YEAR >> 12

POSITION >> Full back

IN FIGURES >> 3 goals

COACH’S COMMENT >> “All Leagues, All Districts. Also a great advocate. He had a big throw-in that led to several goals and scored three himself. “

Kyle jones

SCHOOL >> Ionia

YEAR >> 11

POSITION >> Goalkeeper

IN FIGURES >> 140 backups

COACH’S COMMENT >> “First team all conferences. Not as busy as the past seasons thanks to our team defense, but still showed its quality with fantastic saves throughout the season.

Brody Jackson

SCHOOL >> Lakewood

YEAR >> 12

POSITION >> Midfielder

IN FIGURES >> 11 assists

COACH’S COMMENT >> “All Leagues, All Districts. Also a great advocate. Led our team in assists with 11. ”