Soccer field

Kearsarge football wins; soccer, field hockey and golf scores


Kearsarge 46, Kingswood 28

Key players: Kearsarge – John Fraioli (3 rush TD), Josh Holderman (2 TD catches), Parker Goin (2 TD passes), Jason Dyment (rush TD), Damon Dawson (rush TD)

Highlights: The Cougars led 30-6 at halftime in a decisive win Friday night.

Recordings: Kearsarge 2-1; Kingswood 0-3

boys soccer

Merrimack Valley 4, Laconia 0

Key players: MV – Gavin Wheeler (2 goals, assist), Lucas Godoi (goal), Owen Piper (goal, assist), Trevor Simonds (cleared)

Highlights: Godoi received an assist from Wheeler for MV’s first goal, and Wheeler and Piper (from a penalty) both scored to give Pride a 3-0 halftime lead. Piper sent a 45-yard free kick to Wheeler, who headed it home for MV’s only goal in the second half. The entire back line played well in front of Simonds to preserve the shutout.

Quote from the coach: “It was a good win. We still struggle sometimes to finish when we need to, but we are slowly getting to the right place. We have a tough game on Tuesday against ConVal at home, so we need to refocus on stepping up for this game. – Ken Fuller from the MV

Recordings: MV 4-3-0; Laconia 1-4-1

Belmont 4, Farmington-Nute 0

Key players: Belmont – Will Riley (goal, assist), Liam Waldron (goal), Brady Jewell (goal), Jamison Gaudette (first college goal), Jeff Carrier (assist), Jacobb Bivens and Jaxson Embree (combined for the shutout)

Highlights: Belmont took a 3-0 halftime lead and continued to pressure the Farmington defense. Nice effort from everyone.

Quote from the coach: “Great effort from everyone. Solid performance from the team tonight. Congratulations to Jamison Gaudette on his first college goal. We continue to improve. – Michael Foley of Belmont

Recordings: Belmont 5-1; Farmington Nute 0-3

Campbell 1, Bishop Brady 0

Key players: Campbell – Wyatt Hemming (goal); Bishop Brady – Max Brooks (7 saves), Liam Masner, Michael Thresher, Boden Gendron

Highlights: Hemming scored in the 81st minute with a low ball from about 16 yards to secure the Cougars’ fifth shutout of the season.

Coach’s quote: “A good home and away game.” – Peter Steese of Bishop Brady

Recordings: cambell 5-0-0; Bishop Brady 3-2-1

Hillsboro-Deering 5, Stevens 2

Key players: HD – Griffin Cassidy (2 goals), Mason Ferwerda (2 goals), Dylan Braun (goal, 2 assists), Brady Curley (assist), Jacob Lavoie (assist)

Highlights: The Hillcats scored four goals in the second half.

Coach quote: “Our boys came out and controlled the game with crisp passing and one-on-one play. We were able to find passing lanes and take advantage of them to help us get the win – HD’s Joey Gillett

Recordings: HD 3-2; Steve 1-4

Women’s football

Arc 1, Lebanon o

Key players: Bow – Lyndsey LaPerle (goal), Sidney Roberge (midfielder), Vivian Madden (midfielder), Lexi Insana (midfielder), Leah Gallier (midfielder), Marrisa Green (defense), Abby Foote (defense), Makayla Trudel (defense), Kendall Murray (defense), Bridget Hilton (cleaning)

Highlights: LaPerle scored on a penalty nine minutes from time with a well-placed shot in the corner of the net.

Quote from the coach: “We controlled the game in the first half, but our touch and our passing were not very good. The girls did a great job of cleaning up in the second half which allowed us to create more chances. Lebanon did a great job of obstructing the center and blocking many shots. We have things to work on, but a big effort from the whole team. – Jay Vogt of Bow

Recordings: Bow 5-0; Lebanon 3-3

Kearsarge 1, Berlin 0

Key players: Kearsarge – Carly Grant (goal), Reese Lacombe (defense)

Highlights: Both teams struggled to find a rhythm early on but Grant scored a shot from outside the 18 (penalty box) over the Berlin keeper’s fingertips and Kearsarge controlled the game from there. The solid defense of the Cougars central defenders snuffed out any Berlin threats and the central midfielders controlled the center, creating multiple opportunities for Kearsarge. The Berlin goalkeeper made several superb saves to keep the Mountaineers in the game.

Quote from the coach: “It’s not our best opening half. Still difficult after a two and a half hour bus ride, but they pulled themselves together and took control. Proud that our seniors bring everyone together and allow the team to play the high level football we expect. – Dave Smith of Kearsarge

Recordings: Kearsarge 2-2-2; Berlin 2-4-0

Field hockey

Concord 4, South Nashua 0

Key players: Concorde – Kayla Taylor (3 goals), Kennedy Craigue (goal)

Highlights: Taylor’s hat trick raised the tide on the Panthers.

Recordings: Concorde 6-2; South 0-7

Merrimack Valley 1, Pelham 0

Key players: MV – Abby Forbes (goal), Kalee Keyser (assist), Abbey Thompson (defense)

Highlights: Keyser snatched a shot from the top of the circle and Forbes tipped it close to the post to give MV a goal with four minutes remaining.

Quote from the coach: “I’m happy that we were able to get the win today. We are constantly working to improve in several aspects of the game. We are preparing for the second half of our season. – Jennifer Colgan from the MV

Recordings: MV 3-4; Pelham 1-4

Hopkinton 1, Monadnock 0, OT

Key players: Hopkinton – Hadley Cook (goal), Emma Brock (attack), Anika Hudak-Hall (defense), Crissy Johnson (defense), Maddy Dwyer (defense), Maddy Ceriello (defense)

Highlights: Cook scored the game-winning goal in overtime to earn the Hawks their first victory.

Coach’s quote: “I see positive growth every day with this team. Tonight we played hard and we played together which resulted in our first win of the season. We look forward to the week ahead and to continuing to grow together. – Kate Hohenberger of Hopkinton

Recordings: Hopkinton 1-3-1; Monadnock 0-6-0


Concord 192, North Nashua 223, South Nashua 233, Bishop Guertin 236

Key players: Concorde – Gavin Richardson (35), Carl Sirrianna (38), Jack Shoemaker (38), Alex Pelletier (40), Keller Ramshaw (41)

Highlights: Richardson earned medalist honors for the fourth time in four games to lead the Tide to a sweep in Friday’s game at Concord Country Club.

Recordings: Concorde 10-1; North 6-7; South 4-10; BG 3-10