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Kangaroo interrupts Australian football match and plays goalkeeper

As cute as they are, kangaroos have a reputation in Australia for being goons who may or may not fight with you if you get too close. What you might not know, however, is that they also love to play soccer. Or at least that would help explain why one of the cheerful marsupials swarmed the pitch in the middle of a game this weekend, chased the ball and took on the goalie position.

This egregious example of a FOMO kangaroo fell during a local match between the Belconnen United Blue Devils and Canberra Football Club in Australia on Saturday, when wild animals entered the pitch and forced officials to temporarily halt the match .

The excitable pocket intruder first jumped the fence and sneaked in during half-time, then returned in the second half, eager for the action. Authorities attempted to get him to go by trying to chase him after a soccer ball, but it backfired when the ‘roo started dribbling him with his hind legs. He also briefly served as goalkeeper, blocking the net vertically before lying down to sunbathe.

Needless to say, the whole incident provided impromptu entertainment for the crowd and commentators, who presented the animal’s antics in real time. Eventually, the Blue Devils head coach jumped into his truck and cornered him in such a way that he was forced off the field so that play could resume, and the kangaroo returned to its natural habitat, where it will probably come back to practicing scissors.

h / t Mashable

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