Soccer game

Kangaroo interrupts a soccer game and tries out as a goalkeeper

A soccer match in Australia had a surprising uninvited guest on Sunday. A kangaroo jumped over the fence and bounded onto the field.

Video captured during the game in Canberra shows the kangaroo jumping in a shaded area of ​​the pitch – but he didn’t want to just be a spectator.

After a few minutes of watching the National Premier League game, he decided to go for it. He stood on the goal post but immediately got tired and decided to relax, sprawling on the grass for a while. Then he decided to try his hand at goalkeeping. He wasn’t very good though. He missed almost every ball kicked at him.

A kangaroo interrupted a football game in Australia.


Eventually a white van was driven into the field to scare the kangaroo away. He jumped across the field and jumped over the fence and behind a building.

The football players resumed play, but it turns out the kangaroo wasn’t done. He jumped over the fence a few minutes later.

One of the announcers gave a game by game: “A kangaroo is on the field to play again. And run across the field to play. Scatter players left and right. Press on goal.” The other announcer had a simpler reaction: “Oh my God.”

Players ran away from the kangaroo – probably a good call, as the species is known for its powerful kicks and punches. Eventually the white van was pulled out and the kangaroo started running away. But it still wasn’t quick to leave. The truck had to chase the marsupial out into the field for a bit before play could finally resume – without a kangaroo.