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Journalist interrupted during live shooting by Ukrainian woman playing with soccer ball | Tendency

Ukraine is going through a catastrophic period after the invasion of Russia on February 24. Amid the gloom and despair, videos of children trying to put on a good face and show their resilient side give you a semblance of hope. Even in times of war, a child does not forget the simple joys of life like playing ball. Like this video of a journalist who was interrupted during a live broadcast by a girl playing with a soccer ball. The video will definitely leave you smiling.

NBC News reporter Ellison Barber was filming a segment about life in refugee camps at a location in Poland when she was interrupted by a cute Ukrainian girl who was playing with a soccer ball. She explained the refugee crisis by saying that many people had left Ukraine for the safety of their children. While she was in the middle of reporting, the young girl passes in front of the camera and watches impatiently, holding a soccer ball in her hand. Barber explains that she has been playing with her all morning and is one of her friends.

The video was posted to his Twitter account on March 6 and has received over 2.4 million views to date.

Watch the video below:

In a later tweet, Barber is also seen playing football with the girl.

See the post below:

“I’m not crying, it’s you. You know your soul is intact when children and animals are attracted to you. I’m so glad you played football with her and made her smile. If only women ruled the world! Our goals would be to make children smile like that! commented one Twitter user. ” It’s incredible. Didn’t miss a beat during live fire when the kid came into view. Keep up the great work and I’m sure the kids are so happy to play a simple game of football with you in such a difficult time,” posted another. “How beautiful. They will remember this moment and the lady who played football with them during an absolutely terrible time,” commented a third.

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