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Investigation underway into racist heckling at El Dorado Hills football game – Good Day Sacramento

EL DORADO HILLS (CBS13) — Racist heckling has brought unwanted attention to a school in El Dorado Hills.

Oak Ridge High School is at the center of a racial harassment scandal at a women’s soccer game.

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It happened Saturday night in the championship game against Buchanan High School in Clovis.

Barking echoed on the field as a spectator took aim at Buchanan High’s Hispanic midfielder Daisy Torres. Moments later, there were monkey screams from the Oak Ridge High side of the stands as forward Ciara Wilson – who is black – kicked in a penalty.

“It’s really disgusting that people are like that,” Wilson said.

She too was stunned by the heckling and is under no illusions about what was implied.

“A monkey noise towards black people? ” she says. “WWe all knew it was racially motivated.

Buchanan High School athletic director James Gabrell was as disappointed with the adults in the stadium as the person who targeted his players.

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“No adult had enough integrity and courage to stand up and show the young man?” he said.

“It just makes it ten times worse that nothing was done in the game,” Wilson said.

Oak Ridge High School and the district declined an on-camera interview but released a statement.

“This incident disgusts our learning community and embarrasses our entire school,” Principal Aaron Palm said.

The only excuse the team received that night comes from the guardian of Oak Ridge.

“She also knew it was wrong,” Wilson said.

“Whoever her parents were, they raised this young lady well,” Gabrell said.

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Buchanan High School lost that night. Oak Ridge says it is investigating and will stay in contact with CIF.