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I spotted iconic celebrities at the Inter Miami football game and the VIP section was luxurious

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Let me rip the band-aid off and talk about it: I’m not a football fan, but when I snagged VIP tickets to the Inter Miami football game, who was I to say no?

The experience was as luxurious as one expects “very important people” to be treated to. From the lounge to the food to the extremely close seating, it was more about the atmosphere than the sporting event!

DRV Pink Stadium is a hidden gem in South Florida. When I arrived at the entrance, I received a bracelet which gave me access to the lounge.

I climbed the stairs and entered a covered area full of food stalls. The best part – the choices were limitless. Sushi, hot dogs and even steak, they had it all and it was so delicious. There was also a selection of beers and wines available.

The VIP dining roomJenna Kelley | Narcity

The exclusive room was behind our section so we walked to our seats. The team was playing Cincinnati and it was a really exciting game. However, my eyes wandered elsewhere.

Right below me was Inter Miami owner David Beckham! It was so cool to see him cheering on his team and meeting the fans at halftime.

Next to him was the successful Latin singer, Marc Anthony. I haven’t seen his fiancée Nadia Ferreira. He had sunglasses on, although everyone recognized him. You can see them spotted in the video posted on The Narcity USA Instagram Page.

The Florida duo waved and took pictures with fans.

They were also joined by David Grutman, a member of GROOT Hospitality, who heads up hospitality at some of Miami’s most popular venues.

Currently, Inter Miami plays in Fort Lauderdale, but they will soon have a stadium further south in the Magic City. If you ever get the chance to see the football games, VIP is the way to go.