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How to Score a Goal on the Pleasant Park Soccer Field

Now the waters have started to calm down, scoring a goal and then escaping Pleasant Park is easier than ever.

A relatively easy challenge to complete, but a player should do the right thing this minute if he’s already gone down the drain.

Battle Royale titles need to constantly update their titles. There is so much competition that it is such a necessity. Additionally, most BR games take place exclusively on a single, relatively small map. If the developers left this map as is and didn’t make any other changes to the game, chances are it won’t be a competitive game for very long, no matter how good it is.

Epic is the leader in doing just that via Fortnite. It could be argued that interest in the BR juggernaut was waning in 2019, although its concurrent player numbers are expected to differ. All of Epic’s worries will be gone by now as Chapter Two continues to grow stronger.


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The map was flooded for most of Season 3, but those waters are now starting to calm down. So now is the perfect time to take on the challenge that forces players to score a goal at Pleasant Park. It’s not a particularly tricky challenge to tick off the growing roster, but if it’s a challenge that has escaped gamers’ minds, now is the time to do it.

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The Pleasant Park football field is one of the few parts of the named location that has not been touched by the collapsed wall of water in Midas. Now, once players score a field goal and rise to the challenge, they can quickly escape without having to swim to safety. There should be a ball in the middle of the field, and all players need to do is enter the ball, guiding it towards one of the two goals.

Another reason this challenge should be easier to complete now than when it was added for Week 1 is that fewer players will converge on the pitch. Several people trying to play football at the same time in Fortnite sounds entertaining, but not when these players are trying to eliminate each other. Now players can have an uninterrupted kick and earn 35,000 XP for doing so.

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