Soccer game

How to play hidden soccer game in Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has a hidden soccer game that you can play. We’ll show you how you can jump right into the action.

Play the hidden Facebook Messenger soccer game for Euro 2016 and Copa America

Three months ago, Facebook released an update to Messenger, bringing with it a nifty little basketball game that users can play. Today, Facebook is getting things done with a hidden soccer game. Just like the game of basketball, you can jump into action with just a few clicks.

First, install the Facebook Messenger app from the App store Where google play the shop. Once the installation is complete, launch the application. Now start a new conversation with anyone and type in the “soccer” or “soccer ball” emoji, depending on where you live. Send the emoji to the other person by tapping send. Now tap on the emoji itself in the conversation. You will be taken directly to the soccer game hidden in Messenger.

The object of the game is absolutely simple: keep hitting the soccer ball and avoid hitting the ground. The game is over if the ball goes south on the screen. Quite difficult if you ask us.

Keep one thing in mind that this hidden soccer game is only available on mobile. We really want it to be available on the web as well. But of course, we can’t have all the good things everywhere, can we? We are sure you will agree with us on that.

Since this is the second time Facebook has slipped into a game through Messenger, we’re sure it won’t be the last. And while we’ve seen some titles that are quick fixes so far, it would be great to see something epic 3D next time around. Sure, that would mean Messenger will gain a few megabytes in the next update, but hey, that would be a great giveaway for mobile gamers.

We strongly recommend that you install Messenger on your mobile device to stay in touch with your friends on Facebook. From voice calls to sending stickers and text messages, there’s something for everyone. While that might not float the boat for everyone, but there are some places Messenger beats WhatsApp, like apps.

Ultimately, it’s entirely up to you whether you want to get on the Messenger train. For us however, anything that gets the job done is perfectly acceptable in our books.

Now get back to the action of this soccer ball!