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How to Knock Down the Soccer Ball 500 Yards as Neymar Jr

One of the Neymar Jr. challenges in Fortnite Season 6 asks players to throw a ball 500 yards. They must use a Neymar Jr. emote to do so.

One of the challenges of Neymar Jr. Fortnite Season 6 asks players to kick a 500 soccer ball Fortnite meters while dressed as the famous Brazilian footballer. Once players have successfully unlocked the highly anticipated Neymar Jr. skin in Fortnite, they will have the ability to unlock almost a dozen additional cosmetic and style variants by completing other Neymar Jr. challenges. For some of these challenges, they will need to have the Neymar Jr. skin equipped. When they go to kick the ball, they will have to wear the Neymar Jr. outfit, especially because it requires a special emote.


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Players will need to have unlocked the Soccer Ball Toy emote and Neymar Jr. skin before they can complete this challenge. So that they can find a soccer ball on the Fortnite map, they won’t be able to drop-kick this one. Players will need to climb to a higher elevation and use the emote to do a drop-kick that travels quite a distance. Completing this challenge unlocks the Back Bling that goes with the Neymar Jr. skin. Here’s how to kick a soccer ball as Neymar Jr. and unlock the Joia Trophy Back Bling in Fortnite Season 6.

How to Unlock the Joia Back Bling Trophy in Fortnite

Fortnite Neymar Jr Skin Revealed

To kick a soccer ball as Neymar Jr. and unlock the Joia Trophy Back Bling in Fortnite Season 6 players will first need to ensure they have equipped both the Neymar Jr. skin and the Soccer Ball Toy emote. Then they will either have to land on one of the mountains around the Fortnite island or land somewhere with lots of materials and very few opponents.

For the ball to travel the required 500 meters, players will need to reach a high altitude. Some players may choose to use Arrows, Mount Kay, or the Weather Station. Others may choose to build a giant staircase, adding height as needed. Still others may do a combination of these, land on a high spot and then build to make it even taller.

To ensure they have the correct elevation, players can ping to find a location around 500 yards away and then build to ensure the ball can travel that far. When they reach the sweet spot, they will need to use the Soccer Ball Toy emote to kick the ball. If they have the right altitude, they should be able to cover the 500 meters easily. Otherwise, they can look for a higher place or add to their stairs.

Neymar Jr. Matador's loading screen in Fortnite

This challenge may be easier to complete in Team Rumble for several reasons. For one thing, once the challenges are launched, many players will likely be working towards the same goals. On the other hand, if opportunistic players want to try and use a player completing the challenge for easy elimination, the player will respawn in Team Rumble and can continue trying to complete the challenge. Finally, players start with more materials in Team Rumble, allowing them to easily build their structure immediately without needing to stop and gather materials first.

Once players kick the ball 500 yards, the challenge will be complete and they will earn the Joia Trophy Back Bling. This is the second of two Fortnite Neymar Jr. challenges from Season 6 that players can complete with the Soccer Ball emote. The other tasks them with scoring a goal using the emote and unlocks the Jaguar Strike pickaxe. There are many other Neymar Jr. cosmetics that players can unlock by completing challenges, including the weekly Fortnite Season 6 epic quests.

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