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How to dribble a soccer ball? The best way to improve your soccer skills

When you think of football, what comes to your mind? You are probably thinking of footwork, because football is a sport played primarily with the feet. With such an emphasis on footwork, basic football training skills include moving the ball forward, side to side, or backward, using your feet. Dribbling is one of the most popular football techniques. Dribbling is a skill that allows players to move the ball around the court while maintaining possession. Although dribbling is included in most soccer training, many do not perform the soccer skill correctly. Unfortunately, despite the regular inclusion of dribbling in soccer drills, there are five common mistakes.

1. Leaning too much on the inside of your foot

Excessive use of the inside of your foot will prevent you from moving at the desired speed.

2. Not having complete control of the ball

The primary purpose of dribbling is to allow you to move around the field with the ball. However, if your dribbling skills are insufficient and you don’t have control of the ball, you can hit it too far in front of you, making it easier to fly the ball.

3. Look down while dribbling

Keeping your head down for the duration of the dribble means you’re not watching where you are going. This increases the risk of injury or theft of the ball.

4. Doesn’t turn properly

While you are dribbling, if you find it difficult to pivot, you may inadvertently get trapped in a corner with opponents surrounding you.

5. Not dribbling at the right pace

Dribbling over and under leaves the ball susceptible to being stolen by the opponent.

Now that we’ve fixed the most common dribbling mistakes, we’ll provide you with key tips on how to dribble successfully as well as soccer practice tips for mastering the art of dribbling.

How to dribble a soccer ball

There are several aspects of dribbling that you should take into consideration when implementing drills into your soccer training. We’ve outlined some of the most important tips to master to hone your dribbling skills:

Body placement

1. Remember to use your arms

While soccer skills often don’t include touching the ball with your arms, your arms still play an important role in soccer passing drills. Your arms provide balance and can help you pass your opponents.

2. Keep your body centered

When you dribble quickly, you can change direction and an imbalance can make it difficult to move on the court. When dribbling, keep your knees slightly bent, back straight, and position yourself so that your torso is the center of gravity. We encourage the practice of this position while playing soccer.

3. Stay on tiptoe

The best soccer players are light, which helps them move quickly. Staying light on the balls of your feet increases your speed and reduces imbalances. It is not our usual way of walking; when we walk, we put our heels on first. If you are someone who struggles with that adjustment between regular walking and soccer, we recommend that you include footwork in your soccer drills.

4. Use the foot that is not in contact with the ball

As you dribble, your feet will alternate contact with the ball as you propel it forward. The foot is not in contact; the ball needs to lift off the ground to propel your body forward quickly. Also, during rapid changes of direction, the foot that is not in contact with the ball should be used to move your body in the direction you want to move.

5. Raise your knees while walking forward

Raising your knees while moving forward will help you build momentum for increased speed. It’s a big mistake a lot of players make: they don’t move their knees. Practice high knees during your soccer workouts to maximize your dribbling speed ability.

Know your foot

For the purpose of soccer training, your foot has four parts: the inside, the outside, the sole and the laces (in front of your foot). Each of these parts has its uses for football passing drills, but for dribbling you have to use the laces on your foot to propel the ball forward. You can see many footballers using the inside of their foot, but this opens up the possibility for the opponent to steal the ball. Practice moving the ball with the laces to gain confidence with the movement.

General dribbling tips

During soccer training, practice using your arms to protect yourself as you dribble. Keep your eyes up to know where you are going during the dribble. Finally, dribble with determination. If you have the ball, know where you plan to go. Again, all of this can be practiced during soccer practice while you are working on soccer passing drills. Plus, take a soccer ball with you wherever you go so that you can practice soccer drills like dribbling on the way to class or whenever you have free time.

Resources for perfecting your football training

Soccer coaching, sometimes referred to as soccer coaching, can be a daunting process. The cliché it is practice makes perfect certainly applies, but there are resources that can make soccer training more beneficial to your overall goals. In the world we live in, there are resources to improve your skills right at your fingertips. There are several apps on the market available to improve soccer passing drills, such as Dribble Up Soccer or Playform. Dribble Up Soccer is a program that comes with a smart soccer ball. The app uses AI technology to help improve footwork. Playform is another variation of a soccer training app that also uses AI technology. Unlike Dribble Up Soccer, PlayForm uses your device’s camera to track movement and provides a comprehensive assessment of soccer skills. Additionally, Playform personalizes soccer workouts to help improve soccer training.

When we compare the two AI-based technologies, we prefer Playform because it seems to have more features and capabilities. Additionally, PlayForm is more compact as skills are assessed using your device’s camera rather than using a specific ball. Additionally, PlayForm seems like a good option for standalone football training or for additional team training.

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