Soccer ball

How and where to kick a soccer ball 100 yards (the easy method)

Another week, another batch of Fortnite challenges. This time it’s the first half of the Meowscles’ Mischief mission. Completing 18 of these challenges during this week and next will allow players to choose the GHOST or SHADOW skin style for that Battle Pass character.

This week Fortnite: Battle Royale challenges players to kick a soccer ball 100 yards away. It’s a pretty straightforward challenge, but you can do it the hard way or the easy way.

The hardest part would be to go to the soccer field in Pleasant Park. This was taken up by Henchman. A new base has appeared under the pitch which is pretty cool but makes the soccer ball there right in the middle of a very perilous area.

The easiest way is, well, a lot easier. Just head to Frenzy Field instead. So far, at least, there isn’t a Ghost or Shadow base out there. You will find a hill with a soccer ball at the top. Kick it down the hill and when it stops rolling and bouncing it should already have crossed the 100 yard line. Here’s where to find this soccer ball:

It’s pretty straightforward. Of course, if another player beats you to the point, the soccer ball won’t be there. It will be somewhere in the fields below. So be prepared to come out empty as everyone takes on this challenge at the same time.

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Oh, and if you decide to go with the soccer ball to Pleasant Park, then hop into a Choppa and complete the Visit Coral Cove, Stack Shack, and Crash Site In A Single Match Without Swimming challenge while you’re there.