Soccer game

Houston Astros’ Jeremy Peña will attend his first football game

Other players will try to find different forms of rest, relaxation and entertainment. For rookie shortstop Jeremy Peña, that means attending English Premier League Manchester City against Mexican powerhouse Club América on Wednesday night at the NRG Stadium for Lone Star’s Copa.

“There’s a football game coming to town, so I’ll try to check that out,” said Peña, who moved with her family from the Dominican Republic to Rhode Island when she was 9. “It will be my first football game, so it will be pretty cool… I can’t wait to be there.”

Peña, 24, said the adventure on Kirby Drive would help him learn a little more about the game.

“I don’t know enough, I don’t even know who’s playing,” he said with a smile, “but I’ll be there.”

Meanwhile, the Astros recognized the five All-Star Astros ahead of Friday night’s series opener against the A’s, each holding their All-Star jerseys in a line in front of the Astros dugout to a roar from the crowd.

“I thought we could have had eight,” Astros manager Dusty Baker said, also acknowledging the need for player representation from all 15 American League teams. “(But five) means people realize we have good staff and good players.”

The Yankees lead the Majors with six All-Stars.