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Have you seen this? Moose forces time out at soccer game

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THE OUTFIELD — A few months ago, we showed you a video of a deer interrupting a football game in Washington. But that was nothing compared to what happened at a recent football game in Wyoming.

Check this video:

As you can see, things get much more serious when a bull moose comes charging at you. These brutes can weigh over 1,500 pounds and stand nearly 7 feet tall at the shoulder. Fortunately, no one at this match was injured.

It’s pretty clear to me what happened here. The people who organized this football league hung up posters around the town of Jackson promoting the games and telling all interested players to come out to the field to find out more about participation.

Moose noticed the posters on one of his weekly Main Street hikes and decided to give it a shot. Of course, he was probably banned from another football league for repeatedly popping the ball with his hooves. But there was something about this new league that gave Moose hope that he could finally find a team that would appreciate his unique skills.

Alas, it turned out to be another mismatch.

But this particular moose is as tough as it gets. I imagine he will arrive on the field of another football game before too long.

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