Soccer field

Gwen Maly works hard on and off the soccer field

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – University of New Mexico red shirt Gwen Maly was named to Mountain West’s All-Conference first team in women’s football on Thursday. Maly, the Lobos forward, leads Mountain West in points (21), goals (9) and game-winning goals (4), but what most people don’t know is that she’s working hard at the both on and off the field. .

“Yes, I have a double major in biology and psychology, and I will be graduating here in May, then I plan to go to UNM medical school starting in the fall,” said Maly. Being a full-time student and athlete is tough for anyone in college, but Maly seems to enjoy it and made it work.

“I just have to be really smart about how I use my time. Like a typical week for me, it’s training in the morning. Two or three days a week I’ll go to work and when I get home from work I’ll do my homework, ”Maly said.

Maly is considering a double major in medical school and hopes to work in pediatrics. Although many people wonder why she plays soccer while pursuing medical school, Maly believes it has helped her.

“I think football is my liberation for me. It’s almost like a good part of my day, this liberation from study and work, and the opportunity to play with my friends, ”said Maly.