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Greenfield footballer scores again after hit-and-run car crash

GREENFIELD — As Greenfield High School senior football player Trevor Le-Morrison rolled up his right foot and put the ball in the back of the net on Monday night, a sense of familiarity he had been waiting for months swept him away. overwhelmed.

“I had a coach on the sidelines, my team right behind me, which made me feel normal,” Le-Morrison said. “It kind of warmed my heart.”

Normalcy has been hard to find for Le-Morrison for a Hit-and-run accident on May 21 left him with two broken femurs, a broken collarbone, fractured vertebrae, and a cerebral hemorrhage, among other injuries. He remained in hospital until August 11, recovering and learning to walk again.

“He has to learn to walk the stairs, he basically has to relearn everything,” Trevor’s mother, Oanh Le, said. “He’s doing well, he’s improving day by day, his speed is picking up.”

Taking time to recover from his injuries also meant that it was not possible to resume his role as captain of Greenfield’s football team on the pitch at the start of the season. However, thanks to coordination between Greenfield head coach Peter Knebel and Woodland Conference rival Brown Deer, Monday’s conference final for the Hawks provided a complete moment for all.

Upon learning of Le-Morrison’s story, Brown Deer agreed to step down on the opening kickoff, allowing him to dribble downfield and score. Greenfield in turn allowed Brown Deer to level the game at one with a goal conceded once Le-Morrison was substituted. The Hawks eventually beat the visiting Falcons 5-2. For fellow senior and Greenfield captain Brandon Vosters, sharing the pitch once again with his friend was a moment he will never forget.

“When (the accident) first happened, I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it again, but here we are tonight,” Vosters said. “I don’t know how to explain it, it was like… I’m just grateful that it’s happening, that it’s a possibility tonight.”

The football community comes together

An outpouring of support for Le-Morrison began early in his recovery, evidenced by financial assistance for his medical bills through a GoFundMe campaign created by his coach, which raised over $40,000. Knebel was surprised how far the story and subsequent support reached, especially in the football community.

“One of our JV players was in the elevator with the UW-Whitewater head coach,” Knebel said. “He said to my player, ‘So tell me about this kid Trevor, is he a good player?’ and my JV player said, ‘No, he’s a great player.’ That defines who he is and how our program is,” Knebel said.

Le added that not a day went by that someone didn’t ask how Trevor was doing or extend his prayers.

“I hope Trevor knows he’s loved,” Le said. “I hope Trevor knows everyone is behind him and he’s been behind him since the accident.”

For Le-Morrison, returning to the field on Monday was not just to salvage some semblance of his season, but also to give back to a community that rose up to help him.

“They’ve always been there for me, so I know if I can be here, I should be there with my team to motivate them and show them I’m here,” Le-Morrison said. “They were there for me, so I was there for them.”

Greenfield's Trevor Le-Morrison receives a handshake and a gift basket from teammate Patrick Morgese at halftime in the Hawks' 5-2 win over Brown Deer on Monday.  Le-Morrison started the game with a goal on his return from a hit-and-run accident in May that saw him miss the entire men's soccer season.