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Gazette Boys 2021 Soccer Player of the Year: Hunter LePage, Belchertown

BELCHERTOWN – Hunter LePage’s highlight opens with two goals in the first 20 seconds: his first rebound goal that won the 2019 Western Massachusetts Championship and a tap-in from a corner this fall.

A standard start for a show of skill, but not exactly representative of the type of player the Belchertown senior center-back is. The remaining six and a half minutes are almost boring in comparison. These are all proper decisions, effective clearances, and thoughtful distribution to start the offense. There is no dramatic pursuit of tackles or acrobatic thwarting of attacks at the last moment.

That would mean he was out of position in the first place.

“There’s no particular moment for him that stands out because he does everything the right way,” said Belchertown coach Zach Siano. “It’s a series of moments over and over again watching him be that silent assassin on the defensive line and take out some of the area’s top scorers. For a team that ended up having 15 shutouts over the course of the year and allowed half a goal per game, that’s something incredible, and Hunter is certainly the backbone behind it.

LePage, Gazette Boys 2021 Football Player of the Year, finished with three goals and one assist while orchestrating one of the best defenses in the state. Belchertown did not allow any goals in the state tournament until the final, where he fell on penalties to Norwell. He was named All-State and All-New England by United Soccer Coaches.

He makes the right play seem easy when it often isn’t and requires a thorough understanding of the game, his team’s style and where the ball needs to be.

“It is certainly difficult. It comes with a lot of vision on the pitch and a lot of anticipation and having a firm breath and an understanding of the game and how we think teams are going to move and change and what they are going to throw at us ”, Siano said. “He knows what their best attributes are and how to pull them off. This allows him to swallow up teams.

This awareness comes from playing the same position for most of your life. LePage never wanted to be up front to score all the goals.

“I love to play it,” he said. “I control the whole back line and I can see everything throughout the game. Honestly, a great position to be.

Belchertown’s senior class have played together since they were young for both city school teams and club teams during the spring and summer months. Joey Bianco was on hand to watch LePage go silent in the defensive third.

“He’s just smart with the ball and he doesn’t make decisions like most defenders do,” Bianco said. “He’s great physically, he can really play. I think his ability to lock in an attack and all of that makes him the best backstroke I’ve seen in a long time.

LePage was a member of three Western Mass Championship teams. and won a state title in second year. He will continue his career next season at Assumption with Bianco.

“Certainly incredibly what we have to accomplish,” said LePage. “I couldn’t be happier with what I did.”

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