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FSJ Football Club Won’t Hold Its Breath To Fix Football Pitch |

Snider indicated that the membership is quite similar between hockey and soccer and that it is more cost effective to maintain soccer fields than ice rinks.

In his letter, he said that the ice surfaces at the Pomeroy sports center would never be allowed to be in such a state of disrepair. As for soccer fields, he says people think of them as just a grassy area on which children can play soccer.

“That’s not the way to look at it. It should be viewed as a football facility that needs upkeep and needs upkeep in order to maintain a quality surface.

For now, Fort St. John Soccer uses the fields in School District 60, but Snider says it would be beneficial to have just one soccer destination.

“Ideally, we would like to have a place where a larger part of the football community can come together and play everything in one place, so there is more of a football feeling, more of a community feeling to that. Getting the little ones to watch the bigger ones, stuff like that.

The Council agreed to meet with Snider to discuss the options, but Snider “isn’t holding his breath.” Surerus Park, which is home to two soccer fields, is slated to be redeveloped in 2023. As for short-term solutions, Snider says there aren’t any.

“It kind of depends on the date of 2023 this time around. Since the grass has to grow, it’s going to take a full year. I’m not sure what kind of top dressing they would consider even at this point. ‘they were fully committed to a full repair in two years, if not a year.