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“Freestyle Football (FSF) is an online football game developed by JOYCITY”

“Freestyle Football (FSF) is an online football game developed by JOYCITY” – Games Press

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Freestyle Football (FSF) is an online football game developed by JOYCITY, a well-known Korean game company with other titles such as Freestyle 2 and has seen many successful exports to China, America, Europe and more. Freestyle Football adopts a fashionable and flamboyant visual style, incorporating elements of street football and art football. Freestyle Football allows players to show their individuality and charm, and enjoy the fun of teamwork as well as individual brilliance. Freestyle soccer is played in a 5v5 format, including an AI goalie where individual players control one character instead of the 11 seen in most soccer matches.


  • Wide variety of character customizations with outfits, backpacks, gloves, shoes, face accessories and more. Tailor your character to your liking with endless customization possibilities! Outfits also allow you to add stats to your characters such as dribbling speed, stamina, sliding tackles, and more. to further improve your character.
  • Special characters with unique backstories, builds, body types, specialized outfits, animations, and voice lines! Differentiate yourself with a special character!
  • Various game modes including fast paced 4 vs 4, friendly and small groups where you can enjoy the game alone!
  • Club system where you can create or join clubs and interact with other players and form teams!
  • A card system that allows you to upgrade character attributes/stats and add special abilities.
  • A positional system that allows players to choose between striker, midfield and defense. The system enters into a complex skill tree that will help players further diversify their experience to enable a more immersed gaming experience. This allows players to access 4 unique secondary classes within their respective position, specialized for their needs.

Secondary classes:


Shadow Strikers are versatile with full offensive capabilities. They can perform threatening mid-range shots. Centre-forward players have both strong shooting and passing skills. They can help you score from anywhere in the center. Forwards are the most accurate shooters near the goal posts. Wing Forward players charge on the opponent’s side with the fastest dribble. They are specialized for dribble charges or center play.
Central midfielders are both ball controllers and passers with exceptional dribbling and shooting technique. Attacking midfielders act as midfielders in an attacking position. They can make deadly shots as the strongest mid-range kickers. Defensive midfielders act as a midfielder in a defensive position. They are unmatched in man-to-man defense and ball blocking. Full-back midfielders act as central players who can cross the pitch with fast dribbling. They are also useful for close shots after 2:1 passes.
Central defenders are the best tacklers who block the middle of the field. They often take control of the ball in defence.
Libero players play a variety of roles no matter where they are on the court. They can be defenders, but they can also score goals with powerful shooting abilities.
Sweepers are defenders with the most stable defensive skills. With their exceptional reflexes, they are unlikely to fail in defense.
Wing-backs are versatile players with powerful dribbling and passing abilities.

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