Soccer field

Fortnite soccer pitch locations: All soccer pitches in Fortnite

Score a goal on different pitches” is one of the most laborious fortnite Week 7 challenges, requiring players to have knowledge of all football pitches fortnite. Although recent map changes have added more soccer fields, this challenge is still made difficult by how well they can be hidden. Of course, we at GameRevolution wouldn’t want you to struggle alone, and we’ve put together a helpful map and guide to complete this challenge as quickly as possible. So join us for a tour of all the football grounds in fortnite!

fortnite Locations of soccer fields: the challenge

The “Score a goal on different pitches” challenge is actually quite difficult. The objective requires players to visit five different pitches and score a goal on each. As this challenge is new for Week 7, a large number of players will attempt to complete this goal. Expect strong resistance during this week and next as these landing zones will no doubt be very popular.

While you can expect other players to play fair and not use weapons, don’t be surprised to see enemies pulling out a shotgun to clear the field. I know some sneaky players like to use this type of challenge as bait, to get players into a single area, before taking them all out with explosives and other crap. Beware!

All football pitches in fortnite

When it comes to locating all the soccer fields in fortnite, we found seven confirmed areas where you can score a goal. Simply head to five of these locations, throw a ball into each net, and you’ll have completed the challenge.

As mentioned above, the “Score a goal on different pitches” challenge is going to be very difficult at first. If you’re struggling to do this, maybe wait a few weeks, when the football pitches should be a lot less busy.