Soccer player

Footballer arrested after attacking referee

An Argentinian soccer The player was arrested after assaulting a referee who gave him a yellow card on Sunday July 31.

Christian Tirone of the third division Club Deportivo Garmense in Argentina was detained on the court after punching the official in the head and knocking her down, Olé News reports through CBS Sports.

The incident occurred when Tirone received a yellow card — a warning given to a player indicating a temporary suspension — from the referee, whose name is Dalma Cortadi after he was called for a foul and his teammates tried to pull him away.

Tirone then threw several punches to Cortadi’s head, which connected and knocked her down.

Cortadi said she was forced to go to hospital to receive treatment for her injuries sustained in the attack, including bruises and scratches on her arms.

“This situation harms me at work because it makes me unable to work,” Cortadi said. Olé News Going through CBS Sports. “Now I have to be strong. The beating hurt me… You have to chase him away forever. He should never be in any club. He is a violent person. He also has to be in his daily life. I saw it on the video: a normal person doesn’t do what this man did. No one deserves this. We’re not going to the [matches] to be beaten. I hope he pays for what he did.”

The match was immediately suspended after Tirone was arrested on the pitch.

“In view of the events that occurred this Sunday in the Third Division football match that took place in the city of Adolfo Gonzales Chaves between Garmense and Independencia, in which a Garmense player physically attacked the woman who officiated as as referee, the Club expresses its energy repudiating this action which is in contradiction with the spirit which aims to instill the practice of this sport”, declared the Club Deportivo Garmense in a press release obtained by CBS Sports.

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