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Footballer Aminata Diallo arrested after attacking a teammate

Police also took possession of Diallo’s mobile phone and then questioned a 34-year-old man in Lyon who was in jail on unrelated charges. The man, who was described as an acquaintance of Diallo, was also released without charge on Thursday, the Versailles prosecutor confirmed.

News of Diallo’s arrest came as a surprise to Paris Saint-Germain, an elite team that are reigning French champions and one of the richest and most powerful clubs in world football. Team officials learned of Diallo’s detention on Wednesday morning – and the suggestion that she may have played a role in the attack on Hamraoui – through media reports and only after her detention.

They were even more stunned by the accusations because Diallo and Hamraoui were considered friends; L’Equipe and other news outlets in France reported that the players – who both played for the France national team but had never been members of the same club – even vacationed together.

In the days following last Thursday night’s attack, Diallo – who was uninjured in the incident – had continued to train with the team, and she had started and played almost everything the game on Tuesday as PSG beat Real Madrid in the Champions League.

A few hours later, she was under arrest.

The assault happened after Diallo and his teammates attended a team dinner. Subsequently, Diallo and two other members of the team, including Hamraoui, had entered the Toyota of Diallo’s team together since they live close to each other in the same Paris suburbs.

After dropping off their teammate, Diallo and Hamraoui had their car stopped by two masked men as it approached Hamraoui’s home. There, in the dark, and as the players tried to defend themselves, one of the men pulled Hamraoui out of the car and beat her with a metal bar while the other held Diallo at bay. The aggressor reportedly paid particular attention to kicking Hamraoui’s legs.

The alleged incident was immediately reminiscent of the 1993 attack on US figure skater Nancy Kerrigan by associates of her main rival Tonya Harding, both of whom were vying for a spot on the US figure skating team at the upcoming Olympics.

Hamraoui, who had suffered cuts and bruises but no broken bones, was treated in hospital for her injuries. She reported the crime to police and club security officials that night.

But given that she had stitches and heavy bruising, she was ruled out of the squad’s game against Real Madrid on Tuesday. At the time, the club explained his absence as a personal issue and put his friend Diallo in the starting line-up in his place.

On Sunday, PSG will return to the pitch for the flagship match of the new French season, away against their rival Lyon. Neither Diallo nor Hamraoui should play.