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Football size guide by age, including futsal balls

There is no better time than the holidays to start the Mbappé project by buying a soccer ball for everyone in your life, but if you are not familiar with the game you might be surprised at discover the variety of sizes, brands and styles. you in the sporting goods aisle. However, the guide to the size of soccer balls by age is simple.

Chances are you are looking for a size 5 ball (used by professionals, adults, and ages 12 and up), but there’s also a very good chance that you are reading this article because you have a child. younger.

Keep in mind that the soccer ball sizing guidelines for boys and girls / men and women are the same.

Soccer ball size guide by age

Size 5 (Professionals and Adults): 12 years old and over | 27-28 ” / 68-70 cm in circumference

Size 4 (Youth): From 8 to 12 years old | 25-26 ” / 63.5-66 cm in circumference

Size 3 (Children): 8 years old and under | 23-24 ” / 58.5-61 cm circumference

Size 1 (skills): for all ages, to use to develop skills, control and crush the house with minimal damage | 18-20 ” / 46-51 cm circumference

Futsal ball size guide by age

Size 4 (Professionals and Adults): 12 years old and over

Size 3 (Youth): From 8 to 12 years old

Size 2 (Children): 8 years old and under

2021 soccer ball recommendations

Size 5

Nike Premier League Hi-Vis flight

Using Nike’s new Aerowsculpt technology and a design that pays homage to comic book models, this is the ball the Premier League pulls out when the cold sets in. Pow.

Size 4

adidas MLS Nativo 2021

MLS Nativo ball

American stars and stripes and the Canadian maple leaf adorn the official ball of the closest league to the largest in the world.

Size 3

PUMA LaLiga 1 Adrenalina MS Coach

LaLiga adrenaline ball

This is the version of the official PUMA LaLiga ball which is strictly used in the biggest matches: El Clásico, derbies and special events.

Size 1

Barcelona Skills Ball

Size of soccer ball by age

Dribble around the house pretending you’re a fictional La Masia student named Sergi Pedro, regardless of your actual age.

Futsal ball

Senda Rio

Size of soccer ball by age

(Sizes 2, 3 and 4 available)

All Senda balls (official partner of US Youth Futsal) are Fair Trade certified. Do something right with your life for once.