Soccer field

Emalahleni FM defeated Uniting Forum 5-1 on the football pitch

Emalahleni FM showed that playing football, presenting news and entertainment on the radio is the same thing. They also show that giving sermons in a church is different from playing football.

This was evident when Emalahleni FM beat Uniting Forum 5-1 in the Linah Malatjie Football and Netball Tournament honoring the late Executive Mayor of eMalahleni who died in a car crash earlier this year.

An Emalahleni FM player trying to dribble past a Uniting Forum player during a match played at Lynnville Stadium on Monday 21st March.

The match was a curtain raiser for the soccer final between Real Overs and Ackerville United played at Lynnville Stadium on Monday March 21.

From the start, Emalahleni FM showed that they were serious and well prepared for the game and took advantage of the sloppy defense of the men of god.

Emalahleni scored his first goal minutes into the game after a breakout.

Then Buddy Mngun, the sports presenter scored from a corner with a fine goal to bring the score to 2-0.

A single run by one of Emalahleni FM’s presenters made it 3-0 and thereafter it was Emalahleni FM all the way.

They made it 4-0 before halftime.

An Emalahleni FM player leaps forward with the ball during their match against Uniting Forum played on Monday March 21 at Lynnville Stadium.

In the second half, Uniting Forum organized and played as a unit and scored their only goal.

Emalahleni put the final nail in the coffin after receiving a penalty to make it 5-1.

Even though Uniting Forum tried hard to press for another goal, it never happened as the scoreline remained 5-1 until the final whistle.

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