Soccer game

Eau Claire Police Department discusses important topics with the community through a football game

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) – On Wednesday, the Eau Claire Police Department had a friendly melee with a few members of the community while discussing important matters.

Police were invited to Owen Park on Wednesday afternoon where they kicked around a soccer ball and also had an open dialogue about policing and outreach between officers and the community.

Community members and Eau Claire police say it was a great way to help build community.

Larry Mboga of Eau Claire says: “The best way with the police is to try to respect each other and to dig this gap… the gap where people don’t trust each other but we try to build this relationship. There will always be a problem here or there, but that’s part of life.

Matt Rokus from the police department said, “I think it was a small step towards strengthening some relationships, a bigger picture, building our trust with the community and building on those connections.”

Mboga says he has played football before and recruited a few of his friends, while Officer Rokus says he is not a football player and many officers either, but that was a good time to kick the ball and talk about important topics.

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