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Dunmore Soccer Game Fundraiser | Eyewitness News

DUNMORE, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE / WYOU) – A Lackawanna County school community mourned the loss of a young elder who was shot and killed last Friday in Dunmore.

Tyler Sitar, 22, spent most of his time on the football field when he was a student at Dunmore High School. Friends, family and former teammates took to the field to commemorate the legacy he left.

The Dunmore High School alumni faced the college football team on Friday night in honor of Sitar, who graduated in 2017. The memorial match was hosted by Sitar’s longtime friend and former teammate, Noah Barton, right where their friendship began.

“I was playing football on the grass field, and he was playing with somebody, and he invited me to come and play with him, and that’s how I met him,” Barton said.

After high school, Sitar attended Lackawanna College and served as a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. Dozens of people came to show their support and share memories of their stay with him.

“He was amazing, he was funny, he could get along with anyone, he made new friends all the time, he was just an amazing person to be around,” Barton said.

Bobby Kersavage had been Sitar’s best friend since third year and played alongside him on the football field. He says the response from the community is a testament to the amazing person he was.

“His personality… an outrageous, kind, down-to-earth kid, he would do anything, take his clothes off for anyone,” Kersavage said.

Donations were collected during the game to help Sitar’s family.

“He will be in our hearts forever,” Kersavage said.

Sitar was buried Friday morning in his hometown.