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Dr Roger Brick will be honored at the Lady Hornets football game on Monday

Before Chillicothe Lady Hornets Football Club had 151 wins, two district titles and two section appearances. Before the Hornets football club compiled 155 wins, four district titles, four sectional appearances and a quarter-final. Before, children in Chillicothe and surrounding towns had immediate access to football. The sport was an afterthought in this area of ​​Missouri.

Now, after 15 years of football at Chillicothe High School and more than two decades at Green Hills Soccer Club, the man who developed football in the city will be recognized for his dedication after the Lady Hornets college football game against Bishop LeBlond on Monday. evening at 5.

Back when football was rare, Dr. Roger Brick was the father of Meredith, Madeline, and Betsy; three young girls who loved playing sports.

As he watched his daughters’ affinity for the sport grow, he said he realized a problem was developing. There wasn’t a level above “follow the dust cloud” style that they could advance without going 120 km. And even then, the family was already heading to Brookfield for every practice or game.

As a chiropractor for over 40 years, Dr. Brick is a natural problem solver. He set out to create a recreational league for children, but he would need help.

Dr. Brick mentioned that the process of starting the recreational league was not an easy road.

But, in the late 1990s, a council of seven other motivated parents and Dr. Brick set to work concocting a plan that would later turn into the creation of the Green Hills Soccer Club (GHSC) and several soccer fields. football in front of Danner Park. .

The process included fundraising for capital, working with local government to create space, communicating with other football clubs in the area to gain a better understanding of formatting and, of course, sparking interest. interests of children and their families.

The first summer, Dr. Brick estimated that over 300 children were involved in Green Hills; a sledgehammer. According to the Green Hills Soccer Club website, only 4% of players this season had previous football experience.

After creating opportunities for so many young people in the region, Brick has now realized a new enigma on the horizon; all those childhood football dreams would come to an end if Chillicothe High School did not adopt football programs.

It became his new goal.

Much like his work with GHSC, he was aided by the advice of a committee of people from the football club. Dr. Brick spent his days fixing the bodies of Missourians and his nights calculating a proposal formulated for high school.

The Chillicothian would go so far as to visit other high schools in northwest Missouri to ask football coaches and athletic directors for advice on how to form such teams at the high school level.

As you can imagine, the journey was difficult. Not only was finding funds to fuel the project a challenge, but there was also some initial resistance from the community.

Women’s soccer is a spring sport and the Lady Hornets do not share Jerry Litton Memorial Stadium with any other team. But the men’s team was proposed, and currently is, a fall sport that coincides with the football season. Skeptics believed that football would take players away from the list of footballers.

Brick and his committee went ahead with their plan and in 2007 Hornets soccer took to the field for the first time.

This year Green Hills Soccer Club will field 23 teams in different age categories and the Lady Hornets football team is currently in 2n/a place in Class 2A District 8 and is a win away from their 9and More than 10 winning seasons in 15 years. The Hornets football team’s last campaign saw them go 20-4, a winning record, and reach the state quarterfinals for the first time.

With the success of GHSC and Chillicothe football, Dr Brick says it is “certainly satisfying”.

The hard work of Dr Roger Brick has intentionally helped create programs for young football enthusiasts in Chillicothe forever, but unwittingly Dr Brick has built a legacy for himself and his family in Chillicothe that will be commemorated on Monday evening. has it all Chillicothe High School Sports information and updates you need!