Soccer player

Dartmouth’s Kelly Medeiros is the 2020-21 Women’s Soccer Player of the Year

DARTMOUTH — Whenever someone needed a helping hand, they could count on Kelly Medeiros of Dartmouth High.

Whether on the basketball court with the players of the school’s unified basketball team or finishing his high school football career with 71 assists at midfield, Medeiros was the epitome of ” ugly”.

Her selflessness and skill on the football pitch, the best player on the region’s best team, won her the Standard-Times Women’s Football Player of the Year 2020-21 award.

The pandemic paved the way for Medeiros to be part of the Unified Basketball program, forcing his move from a fall sport to a fall 2 sport, playing from February to April.

“I was just one of them in my senior year,” she explained. “I usually had a fall sport (soccer) when they played unified basketball. One of my older brothers (Eric, 21) was very involved as an assistant in the program and he enjoyed being around the children and they loved him.

“When I got the chance to be involved I thought it would be really cool. I was paired up with one of the students for practices and games and I would pass the ball to them and they would shoot it.

Her soccer coach at Dartmouth, Scot Boudria, saw her progress to becoming a complete player in her senior season.

“She was one of the strongest players you’ll see,” Boudria said. “She could kick with either foot and score from 30 yards. She had above average speed, but she was willing to let others score.

“She’s strong and she knows the game. She’s very, very selfless, extremely selfless. She doesn’t care about statistics. She wants her team to win and is extremely competitive on the pitch. She plays hard.

One of the highlights of his career was his freshman year, followed by a disappointment.

“We’re playing the No. 1 team in the state, Foxboro, and they were phenomenal,” Boudria recalled. “Kelly stole a pass from our side of the field, took it downfield and she made a perfect pass to Kyleigh Wheaton. Kyleigh scores and we beat them 1-0.

“We went to the semi-finals, Kelly got injured and we lost, 2-1 in extra time.”


WHY SHE WAS SELECTED: “Kelly is probably one of the two best players to have played here in the 28 years I’ve been on this program,” Dartmouth coach Scot Boudria said. “It was her and Kathryn Hiller, who played at Providence College. Obviously, getting a Division I scholarship (to Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut) lets everyone know that She’s a very, very talented player.

KEY STATS: Medeiros scored 21 goals in his senior season to end his three years in college with 44 goals. She has added 71 career assists from her midfield position.

MVP MOMENT: Boudria felt she was “consistently good in every game”, which made it difficult to pick a moment. Medeiros identified his highlight as the victory over Bridgewater-Raynham which took the league title. “Beating BR in our last game was a really good team win,” she said. “We were still draw or lose against them. We didn’t beat them until this last game.

BISHOP STANG COACH BOBBY SHIELDS: “Kelly was excellent with the ball and can move the ball down the field very well. She gives Dartmouth a dynamic midfield, who distributes the ball well, and we had to take into account her ability to play in midfield.

REMARKS: Kelly and her twin sister, Kristen, are both heading towards careers in nursing, following in the footsteps of their mother, who is a nurse at Hawthorne Medical. … Kristen goes to Northeastern and the 18-year-old twins have three older brothers: Mark, 26, John, 24, and Eric, 21. … In addition to soccer, Kelly played lacrosse in the spring.