Soccer field

Cricket/soccer ground part of the new River Islands Park

Lathrop City Council has already approved a joint use agreement with the Banta Elementary School District that will see the town use a 16-acre park adjacent to the River Islands STEAM Academy for community recreation.

And if the council gives its blessing on Monday, this park could soon house facilities and equipment for two of the most popular sports on the surface of the planet.

According to the staff report prepared for the council, the city is proposing the installation of a cricket ground as well as the purchase of five NCAA-regulated soccer goals that will provide even more recreational opportunities for the community.

Lathrop City Council meets the second Monday of each month at Lathrop City Hall – located at 390 Towne Center Drive – at 7 p.m.

Although cricket as a sport does not enjoy the same popularity in America as elsewhere – the United States does not even rank in the Top 25 countries for the sport, which is most popular in India, followed by Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Nepal, Trinidad and Tobago, South Africa and New Zealand – the sport is growing in popularity and has an embedded fan base among natives of countries where the sport dominates culture.

The construction cost of the 15ft by 100ft cricket ground – which will be based on concrete and covered with a weather resistant synthetic surface – is offered with a cost not to exceed $62,500. According to the staff report, the pitch would be located to create the least impact on the adjacent school playing fields.

With a cost of $3,550 per soccer goal, the city offers a $46,900 package that includes taxes, delivery and a 10% contingency.

Funding for the two projects will come from a transfer of $109,400 from the Culture and Recreation Expenses Fund if the board gives its blessing Monday night.

For more information, or to learn more about what’s on the agenda for the next council, visit the City of Lathrop website at

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