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Could an elite football player in the AFL be better than an elite football player playing in the AFL? – The dog’s breakfast

Really interesting Twitter chat between Adam Peacock and Nick Davis. Davis claims that an AFL player could play in League A before/better than a League A player could play in the AFL.

What is your point of view ?

Personally, I think Davis’ assertion sounds like the classic AFL bubble / ignorance – I thought about it and the two biggest hurdles would be the AFL player learning football dribbling / ball skills / balance and League A player learning toughness. I find it very very difficult to imagine an AFL player learning to control, dribble and pass the ball (no more than 10 yards along the deck) at a level that would take them even to the NPL/high amateur level. A football player, on the other hand, would have learned from an early age to kick the ball and should have elite kicking from both sides (a la McKenna). I think taking out a Neymar/Dani Alves player with no guts, there would be plenty of players who could roll with the punches or play smart enough to pass.

I know it’s not an A league, but you can’t tell me that someone like a Koscielny or a Vermaelen couldn’t play an Ambrose role at the CHB bull role in the center. Alexis Sanchez in his prime playing the role of Zaharakis at the HFF would dominate. Enter the ■■■■.

Interested in the thoughts of others