Soccer field

Converted football field ready for different types of pitch

Bradley spent some time in the middle and played a few balls on the 16-foot-high fence. It is only 385 feet from the center, suggesting that home runs could be easily achieved. But with a partial roof over the stadium there is no risk of the wind coming into play and that could keep the ball in the park. It is also 330 feet on both lines.

“Sounds fair to me,” Red Sox reliever Matt barnes noted. “I don’t mind that the center is a bit short with this piece in the gaps.”

There is a natural grass football pitch for West Ham. But that was capped and Major League Baseball installed the turf with an infield and the fence.

There are some quirks. The vast foul territory looks like Oakland Coliseum and the safety net is very close behind the plate. The overhanging roof looks sure to be hit by a few foul bullets. They would be dead balls according to the basic rules.

“I can’t wait to see the atmosphere. The stadium looks great, ”Red Sox starter Rick porcello noted.

The MLB installed paddocks that the Sox pitchers said were nicer and more spacious than Fenway Park. There are also new canoes and pavilions.

Towards a second success

With André Benintendi missing the last two games with leg pain, Rafael Devers reached second place. He was 7 of 9 with four doubles and five runs scored.

The Sox, who struggled to score in the first inning all season, had one run in the first inning on Tuesday and two on Wednesday.

Benintendi said he expects to be back on Saturday after four days off. His place in the training will be interesting.

You can argue that Devers has been the team’s best hitter this season. Through 79 games, he reached .322 with 12 home runs and a .897 OPS. Only Alex Bogaerts (.924) has a higher OPS.

Devers’ offensive skills are unique due to his ability to kick the ball across all courts with equal authority. He also reduced his strikeout rate from 24.7% last season to 16.5% this year.

“He’s been very consistent from the start,” said the Red Sox coach. Alex cora noted. “One thing about [Devers] this year, it was because he was on strike compared to last year. He was not expanding.

“When you do that your average is going to go up and obviously your base percentage and you’re going to start to dominate the game. We talk about him like he’s a 27-year-old veteran and he’s only 22. “

Your Highness

The Duke of Sussex, Prince harry, must attend the match and participate in the first ceremonial pitch. It is not certain that his wife,
Meghan markle, will join the prince. A 2017 Globe story revealed that Markle and Red Sox right fielder Mookie betts are distant relatives, their ancestors coming from the same part of Alabama.

Speaking of royalty, the manager of Cora and the Yankees Aaron Boone attended the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace before heading to the stadium.

Starless Sox

Cora on the Sox having no player elected as a starter for the All-Star Game: “The players don’t control that. The fans are the ones who vote. It’s still a pretty good range. But a little disappointed that none of our guys did. Cora believes the Sox will have 3-5 players in the game when reservists and pitchers are announced on Sunday. . . The traveling Yankees group included Carlos beltran, Reggie Jackson, Hideki matsui, Mariano Rivera, Alex rodriguez, and Nick swisher. They participated in various events in the city, including a children’s clinic on Thursday. The Red Sox planned to bring David ortiz and Pedro martinez, but that changed after Ortiz was shot earlier this month. The only former Sox player in hand is Sam horn, which has media accreditation. . . Two renowned football players were on hand to help promote the series. Manchester City star Rahim sterling was on the pitch to watch the Yankees train and the former West Ham United and England national team player Carlton Cole presented a jersey to Betts before the Sox trained. . . Filmmaker and Yankees fan Spike lee attended practice, but made sure to look for Betts, whom he first met in 2014 at Fenway Park. Lee played the character “Mookie” in his 1989 film “Do The Right Thing”. . . Players from both teams received an additional $ 60,000 for the series and were eligible for reimbursement of $ 4,500 for travel expenses for their family members.

Selected Duran

from Portland Jarren duran will represent the Red Sox at the Futures Game on July 7 in Cleveland. The 22-year-old outfielder was a 2018 Long Beach State seventh-round pick and reached 0.335 with an OPS of 0.870 with Salem and Portland. . . The Sox have announced the signing of four draft picks: left-hander Chris murphy (sixth round), right-handed Cody scroggins (ninth), right-handed Reed harrington (20th) and shortstop Daniel bakst (28th). The team also signed two undrafted free agents, right-handed Duke mason (Tampa) and Casey Sutherland (Davidson). Murphy and Scroggins were assigned to Single A Lowell; the rest will fall under the Gulf Coast League Sox.

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