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Conversion of Werner Park from a baseball field to a football field

BUTTERFLY, Neb. (WOWT) – For the first time this week, Werner Park, home of the Omaha Storm Chasers, has been converted from a baseball field to a football field for Union Omaha’s opener.

Team executives like general manager Matt Homonoff loved what they saw.

We couldn’t imagine – we tried – but we couldn’t imagine what the final product would look like until a short time ago, and we think it looks fantastic, and we really hope our fans will agree,” Homonoff said.

The process was overseen by head gardener Derek York.

He knows how important every little detail is when converting.

The turf that is placed on the ground should be level so that there is no possibility of a football player getting tripped over. Conversely, outfield grass that is beaten down by football players will require extra care.

In a normal year, the conversion between football and baseball can happen a dozen times or more when both teams are in season.

“Yeah, it definitely challenges us when you have two sports, twice the wear. It just makes us a little bit more proactive in our managerial styles,” York said.

Having to do the conversion only once this year without a quick turnaround allows York in the field team to master the process and be ready for 2021.

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