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Celtic fans sing an anti-royal family song during a minute of applause for Queen Elizabeth

Fans of Scottish football team Celtic caused a global stir on Sunday after supporters chanted slogans in protest at the Queen during a minute of applause in memory of the monarch, including: ‘If you hate the Royal Family , clap your hands”. The match against St. Mirren, in Paisley, Scotland, also saw a banner with the same slogan. The incident follows days of derogatory insults from fans surrounding the Royal Family as disruptions to tributes plagued Scottish Premiership matches. Ahead of the match, Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou had called on fans to respect the tribute after a game on Wednesday in Poland saw supporters displaying a banner reading “Fuck the crown.” Disciplinary proceedings against the team were initiated after the game and Postecoglou said he would accept any punishment if a foul was proven. Postecoglou said before the final game that “we will respect all the obligations and responsibilities that we have as a football club. We will do it in a respectful way. We want our supporters to do the same. Yet when asked about the chants after the Sunday’s match, Postecoglou took a different tone: “I tackled all this in two press conferences, I’m not going to do it in three. I understand why the interest is there, but I’m a manager in a club in football and I go to press conferences to talk about football. We have addressed this issue, we have done everything we have to do, it’s time to move on.

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