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Cavs star football player Keeley McGuffin signs with Point University – Reuters

Keeley McGuffin signed her letter of intent with Point University on Wednesday. She has been committed to college since July last year but made it official when she signed on the dotted line.

“It was a pretty easy decision because a couple of my old teammates went to Point, and they say they love it,” McGuffin said. “I was fully on Point.”

McGuffin was never afraid of her decision to play college football at Point, but had mixed emotions about staying so close to home.

“Point is like a block from my mom’s house, so it’s like ehhh, but that’s also a good thing too,” McGuffin said.

It is a win-win scenario for Point University as it recruits a talented young football player and helps attract football fans from the local community. She only developed her game on the court in her senior year, which is a boon for the Skyhawks.

“It was the best season I’ve ever had,” McGuffin said. “It wasn’t just me individually, it was the whole team. We have great chemistry and everyone gets along well.

Point and Callaway are beginning to build a pipeline for female football players between them, as McGuffin is the third Cavalier to head to Point in recent years.

“None of this is possible without teammates. None of this is possible without the support of teammates’ parents,” said McGuffin’s father and assistant coach, Jeff McGuffin.

Point University women’s soccer head coach Randy Douglas is thrilled to have McGuffin on board. She was the first committed player in Point’s Class of 2022.

“How awesome is that? Getting that kind of recognition from college coaches and knowing where you’re headed early on shows you his drive,” Callaway head coach Mike Petite said.

This is McGuffin’s first year working with Coach Petite. He helped her develop her game on the pitch and always demanded the best from her.

“He’s very intense and demanding, but that’s also a good thing,” McGuffin said. “I respond very well to that. The fact that it is very intense and demanding helped me a lot.

The reason McGuffin had the ability to play college football and received offers after his junior season was his commitment to being great. She has worked tirelessly throughout the season and offseason to constantly improve facets of her game.

“I’ve been in her paint lines for the summer stuff, and I see her running around with the ball,” Petite said. “If we do a practice in the fall or a captain’s practice, she’s always the first one there.”

It was a day full of celebrations for the young football star, but McGuffin couldn’t be grateful enough to his Cavalier teammates and coaches who were on hand and helped make this opportunity possible.

“I just wanted to say thank you to all the coaches and all my teammates,” McGuffin said. “I especially want to thank this team this year because you have been the best team I have ever played for.”