Soccer field

Catholic school builds community with new soccer field

Boise, ID, May 1, 2022 — ( — St. Mary’s Catholic School now has a 50′ x 80′ football field on campus for students to use. The Urban Soccer Park project was completed in April 2022 as part of the Westside Grounds project, which aimed to provide new equipment on the property which lacked green space.

Students now have land for recreation, training, sports, and the ability to do everything on campus. The pitch was covered with grass so that they could use the surrounding areas to warm up and practice other sports. The pitch includes futsal goals, lights, two gates and a surrounding net. With the addition of this land, the school will be able to provide the space to aid in their mission to build character, welcome community and meet the needs of each individual to help them reach their full potential. .

The St. Mary’s Catholic School project was planned to help the school provide a multifunctional and safe place to play on the school grounds. The campus had until now been devoid of green space, so the school’s main goal was to provide students with something other than concrete to play on during school activities. Another key mission is to host the community, which they will be able to make available for events and other groups to use.

Urban Soccer Park has helped St. Mary’s Catholic School achieve three goals:

– Improve their school grounds so that their children can use it for recess and activities
– Use the land as an income generator for the school
– Use as new multifunctional equipment

About the Urban Soccer Park:
At Urban Soccer Park, less is more. Mini-Pitches grow the sport, create lifelong enjoyment of play and develop world-class skills. Everyone at USP is a coach, athlete or parent. Throughout our decades of experience, we have traveled the world and witnessed undeniable proof that small-scale football is that secret sauce: it creates brilliant players and great footballing nations. And the beauty is that they actually require less space, less overhead, and less setup time, while providing more touches on the ball, more playing time, and a deeper understanding of game concepts. .