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Cagey football match leaves Royal Palms SC without a point

Final score: (0-0-1 0pts) Royal Palms SC 0-3 Orlando Rovers (1-0-0 3pts)

To summarize: The long-awaited home opener ended with the head-to-head record in favor of visitors Orlando Rovers. 0-3 was the final score which some said did not reflect the game as a whole. With both sides playing a reserved possession game, it was Rovers who created just enough chances to put the ball in the back of the net to claim victory. There are games the ball just won’t go in, and that was Panthers night. With many shots a few centimeters away (one probably even bouncing into the goal but not counted), the Rover goalkeeper left satisfied with a clean sheet. The two teams will meet in Orlando on the weekend of June 4, where the Panthers seek revenge and rejoin the record.

Next opponent: Home Vs. Lakeland United Academy (0-0-1 0pts)

This weekend, April 16, the Panthers are looking to record their first league victory against UPSL newcomers Lakeland United Academy. Lakeland United Academy, which also lost last weekend, will travel to the Indian Trails Sports Complex with its own schedule. This will be the first time these two teams meet and it will be an interesting game as both teams battle it out to bounce back from unlucky losses.

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