Soccer field

Bushwick Inlet Park soccer field is closed for renovations

The Bushwick Inlet Park football pitch is getting a makeover. Although the land is closed for a few weeks during the renovation, the neighbors are enthusiastic about the project.

“They are finally renovating the torn land,” said Katherine Thompson, committee member and co-leader of Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park, a volunteer organization dedicated to building, protecting and serving the park.

Work has already begun on the Bushwick Inlet Park soccer field.

“They have already started by building a fence around the perimeter of the land. They’re aiming to do it as soon as possible so people can start playing it again,” Thompson said.

The timeline isn’t set in stone, but the Thompson said the job will definitely be done by the fall soccer season.

Meghan Lalor, director of media relations at NYC Parks’ press office, confirmed Thompson’s hopes when she said green pointers“We expect the work to be completed by the end of June.”

Construction work is already underway to renovate the Bushwick Inlet Park football pitch.

“This project will renovate the existing synthetic turf field in kind to provide a quality and safe playing surface. Specifically, this project replaces the existing synthetic turf mat and bump pad, while fine subgrade grading will ensure an even and level playing surface,” Lalor explained.

Bushwick Inlet Park recently expanded with a new plot of land at 50 Kent Street. Locals can explore a map of the plots and all the park has to offer here on the Bushwick Inlet Park website.